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About Us

Welcome to Prime Polymart

Prime Polymart is an international trading house dealing in superior quality of polymer. The company is a part of the family owned business, established in the year 1965.

Since then, we have gained strong foothold in the market due to our high quality material, competitive prices and time lined delivery schedule, ensuring our customers a comfortable and hassle-free service. Our customer centric approach enables our team to revolutionize this traditional business by integrating technology in our systems which enables us to provide constant support and quick service to all our customers.

Our slogan “We Understand Polymers” describes how we fully understand our clients’ needs and provide them with the best polymer solution after completing our in-house technical analysis. We effectively store our inventory in our own warehouse under controlled standards in suitable environments to make sure our client only gets highest quality material.



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One of the leading distributors of Specialised Engineering Polymer in India

Prime Polymart Pvt Ltd is a distributor and trader of Engineering Polymer in Northern India.

With deep insight and knowledge of the industry, we have a competitive edge. Our constant endeavour to observe and learn keeps us updated and future ready.

Business Development

We constantly develop new products for our diverse customers, and recognise the future trends of the market to satisfy all our customer needs.

Forward Thinking

We don’t only consider the current situation of the market, but we also analyse the future trends and the upcoming scientific development in the field of polymers. We want to be a step ahead of the market.

Risk Management

With decades of experience, we can efficiently manage diverse risk associated with credit standing, markets & enterprise operation.

Intellectual Capital

The expertise & wisdom acquired by our proficient personnel in diverse fields contribute to our strong corporate foundation.


Products & Services

Our product ranges from the commodity to engineering polymers and additives.

Over the years we have been adding new products in our portfolio.

Growth through Innovation

Over the years, we have encountered many challenges, while constantly developing a spirit of service and commercial loyalty.

Through a process of continuous innovation and technical development, we have successfully grown into a flexible and creative supplier and service provider, not only to our clients, but also to the manufacturers.